Hello, friends welcome to my blog Last week I was thinking too many accountants to the makes TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT onlinebut they have many time mistakes on deposit time because of they have no knowledge about how to make CHALLAN NO 281 payment online. So I am decided to writing this article for share my knowledge on how to make TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT Online.

TDS or TAX DEDUCTION AT SOURCE is the system for working under the income tax. TDS have many percentages according to the nature of transactions like rent, professional, salary & interest, commission, etc. The Company making such specified payments is responsible for deducting the TDS and paying the balance amount to the person entitled to receive such payment.

TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT Percentages According to Nature of Transaction

S.NoSectionNature of Payment ThresholdIndv/ HUFCompany  
1192 BSalariesAccording to Slab
2194 CContractor – Single Transaction300001%2%
3194 CContractor-During the F.Y.1 Lakh1%2%
4194IRent of Land and Building1.80 Lakh10%10%
5194IRent of Plant / Machinery / Equipment1.80 Lakh2%2%
6194JProfessional Fees / Technical Fees3000010%10%

The complete list of such fixed payments alongside the rate of TDS to be deducted will be accessed here.

The TDS amount deducted should be deposited to the govt. inside the due dates specified by the person deducting the TDS. The TDS payment can be made online.


MonthThe due date for TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT online
April 7th of May
May 7th of June
June 7th of July
July  7th of August
August  7th of September
September  7th of October
October  7th of November
November  7th of December
December  7th of January
January7th of February
February7th of March 
March30th of April

TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT follows these steps

Step 1: For TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT open Search bar and open this website > service and click on e-payment: Pay Taxes Online.

See Like This Image

Step 2: Scroll Mouse Down and Click on CHALLAN NO 281

Step 3: Fill all details these mandatory first is Tax Applicable (Tax Deducted/Collected at source From) just in case TDS Deductees is company Tick on the this Code (0020) and in case Deductees is Non- company the Tick on the this Code (0021).

Second square measure Deductees TAN number and Assessment Year Third are Fill the complete address of Deductees

Fourth is Type of Payment Minor Head 200 Shows TDS/ TCS payable by Taxpayer (paid by his own each month) Minor Head 400 Shows TDS/ TCS payable on Regular Assessment (i.e. demand raised by department & paid by the assesses for constant.)

Step-4: On confirmation of the information therefore entered, the taxpayer is going to be directed to the net-banking website of the bank.

Step-5: The taxpayer should log in to the net-banking web site} with the user id/password provided by the bank for net-banking purpose and enters the payment details at the bank site.

Step-6: On successful payment, of CHALLAN NO 281 records are displayed, payment details and bank name through that e-payment has been created. These records are proof of TIN NSDL TAX PAYMENT being done and download or printing option is appearing after payment of CHALLAN NO 281.

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